Whether you have just started up your business or you are ready to expand, Working Capital Partners provides a cash flow solution that can really help your business grow.


Working Capital Partners offers unique selective invoice financing services that allows you to sell selected invoices to raise immediate cash. Some factoring companies insist that all invoices are discounted but at WCP we believe in offering complete flexibility to our clients who choose which invoices to discount as and when needed.

Unlike other factoring companies, we do not collect payment from your suppliers – we leave this to you so that your relationships with your own suppliers remain intact. As long you have a genuine invoice and your customer is creditworthy, we can make an advance of up to 85% of an invoice, often on the same day. At Working Capital Partners, there are no on-going administration fees or funding charges, just a simple fee for each invoice sold. Read more about the other benefits of our selective invoice financing service.

Why not give us a call on 020 8203 6500 and one of our advisers will talk through how we can help your business.